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View pioneer company since 2010 and founding View Group institute health and Safety among its main objectives, by promoting health and safety in Kurdistan and aware companies in private sectors and governorate directories also in individuals as engineers and technician, by training, making seminars workshops, researches, publications and supporting volunteers.

Since 2013 become the first IOSH training provider in Kurdistan and Iraq. as Training Provider 2502

and NEBOSH LP 1623 from March 2022.

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Health and Safety




ڤیوسەیفتی سەکۆی هەموو ئارەزوومەندان و شارەزایانی ئەم بوارەیە بۆ گەیاندن و هۆشیارکردنەوەی تاکەکانی کۆمەڵگا بەبی جیاوازی.