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Construction Safety

    Course objectives:

    • Introduction to the basics of Health & Safety.
    • Educating participants on how to build a safe workplace by teaching them about and helping them recognize risks in the workplace and ways to minimize and/or control them.

    Course manner:

    • Course duration is 12 hours spread across 4 days.
    • Required manual and workbooks will be provided for the participants.
    • By the end of the course participants will be certified with certifications approved by (Kurdistan Regional Government – Engineers Union – and View group Institute).
    • The course is presented in the (Kurdish, Arabic, and English) languages.

     Course subjects:

    • Definition of Safety.
    • The importance of safety process and its objectives.
    • Causes of accidents.
    • Responsibility of each different levels in safety program.
    • Recognizing risks in the workplace.
    • Methods to control risks.
    • Ways of working safely in the field of electronics, Risks of electricity, and Electrical materials.
    • Fire accidents and ways to control them with firefighting.
    • A practical exam on a project for the participants to practically find the risks on that project and analyze it, and finally find the best ways to control the risks, this exams takes 3 hours, the participants will receive their certifications based on their marks in the exam.

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