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Mechanical design of buildings

    Course objectives: 

    Introduction to mechanical design of multistory buildings. 

    Bringing-up mechanical designers.

    Course manner:

    • Course duration is 20 hours within 10 days.
    • Required manual and workbooks will be delivered to the participants.
    • By the end of the course participants will be certified with certifications approved by (Kurdistan Regional Government – engineers union – and View group Institute).
    •  The course is presented in (Kurdish)languages.
    • Participants must have their own computer.
    • Participants must have preliminary skills in AutoCAD program.
    • Participants must be mechanical engineers.

    Course content:

    • Water piping in building.                                                                    
    • Wastewater &   DRAINAGE system                                                  
    •  Ventilators in wastewater.
    • Heat Transfer in Building.     
    • Heating Load in Building calculate.         
    • Cooling Load in Building calculate.
    • HVAC systems.        
    • Elevators and Firefighting system.