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Strategic plan of establishments.- DCA

    Course objectives:

    • Introduction to strategic plan of establishments, strategic planning of ministries, company offices, organizations, groups, representations,etc
    • Identification and classification of weak and strong points and our inherit differences.  
    • Establishing and planning of a 3-5 year strategy. Putting into action the plans within the life cycle of an organization, company etc..

    Course manner:

    • Course duration is 10 hours spread across 2 days
    • Course contains both theoretical and practical parts, with some exercises.
    • Each group contains (4-7) participants, office members, and first person.
    • Required manual and workbooks will be delivered to the participants.
    • The course is presented in the (Kurdish) language, it can also be presented in (Arabic or/and English) if required by the participants.

    Course Content:

    • Data collection using two methods.
    • Information analysis using six methods
    • Specifying weakness and strength point,
    • Working among forty establishment strategies.
    • What is the best, most required, and most successful strategy for your establishment?