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Personal strategic plan

     Course Objectives:

    • Long-term planning for goal achievement.
    • Planning for being successful and having an organized life.
    • Opening up closed doors.
    • Training on working on yourself, self-criticism, and self-improvement.
    • Revision of former life with the purpose of self-improvement.
    • Discovering undiscovered abilities and qualifications, and activating them.
    • By the end of the course, participants can plan their personal life, at the same time participants can arrange their goals and priorities.

    Course manner:

    • Course duration is 12 hours spread across 3 days.
    • Course contains both theoretical and practical parts, with some exercises.
    • This training is beneficial for Administrators of authorities, organizations and unions, teachers and administration supervisors.
    •  Collage lecturers.
    • Required manual and workbooks will be provided for the participants.
    • At the end of the course participants will be certified with internationally approved certification from (international academy for travel and development) which located in the United Kingdom.
    • The course is presented in the (Kurdish) language, it can also be presented in (Arabic or/and English) if required by the participants.

    Course content

    • Denominations
    • Dreams and goals
    • Planning
    • Motto and inspection appointment
    • Framework of identifying chance, snag, weakness and strength points
    • Identifying life aspects