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Evaluation of Hawari Shar Soil Characteristics and Water Quality

    Hawarishar, the largest Park inside cities in the Iraq and surround areas
    Build over 4000 dunam and now 800 dunam has already plant.
    Objectives of  the Project:
    Study soil profile, structure , texture and infiltration rate
    Determine the problems associated with these soil characteristics and their effect on holding and losing irrigation water.
    Study the effect of the irrigation water quality  on drippers’ clogging.
    Evaluate  different physical, chemical and biological contents of the irrigation water.
    Measure the hazard degree of the water quality on drippers clogging.
    This  project is the one projects of the city lab sulaimani performance by Directorates of Sulaimani  Municipality and Tourism , University of Sulaimani .
    This project at the start about 38 volunteers have worked and till now about 1070 hours has worked.