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Bicycle Master Plan-University of Sulaimani

    new camps  university  on  surround areas build 771  dunam and  more  than  23000  students ,1665  teachers,  more  than  2838  employers are  working  in  this  new  camps Due  to  wide area  of  traffic ,it is  so  difficult.
    the objectives of project:
    Alleviate traffic & parking congestions; Provide flexible, and affordable travel option.
    Reduce potential conflicts between visitors and the reception staffs.
    Encourage people to use bike as an alternative travel option.
    Reduce traffic related air pollution and emission.
    This project is the one projects of the city lab sulaimani performance by Directorates of Sulaimani  Municipality and Tourism , University of Sulaimani , Directorate of Traffic Police.
    This project at the start about 10 volunteers have worked and till now about 550 hours has worked