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Architectural Conservation of the Historical Districts in Suliamani City

    This project have to phases
    at  the  first  phase   for that  origin  we  take some information  for  each bulids  and  house …by specific form  that  contain inforamtion  about  historical  values , architectural values ,  date  of  bulding  ….that  recorded  in    GIS programme, then accoring  to science architectural  principle  that  all  houses  it  need apply complete process  of  documentation ,it  will  separate
    Study area consisted of 8 districts , 6131 properties
    This  project is the one projects of the city lab sulaimani performance by Directorates of Sulaimani  Municipality and Tourism , University of Sulaimani , Directorate of Sulaimani Antiquity
    This project at the start about 65 volunteers have worked and till now about 10050 hours has worked